The 5 P’s

I went on a walk the other day with a dear friend. As we meandered the beautiful Lake Harriet Rose Gardens near my house, I was bemoaning my two boys faults (dirty socks on the floor, leaving crumbs on the kitchen counter, staring at their iPods for HOURS, not taking the trash out, ad nauseum… […]

Is this thing on?

Working on the site today. Lots of updating and hair pulling out.

My kingdom for a citation

I’ve been working on two different projects, both citation/bibliography reviews. I’ve got to say…thank goodness my Master’s degree did not require a thesis! Uff da, but APA style is a bear! Here’s some tips that I came up with that may help others: Start early and save often. Organize your citations from the start of your project. […]

Where in the world is Knowledgemama?

I had the great fortune to attend an amazing conference (thanks Aurora WDC!) last week. Highlights for me were the session on wargames, listening to the ex-CIA operatives talking about their careers and the surprisingly tasty vegetarian lunch option. Check out the Storify they produced!